Medical applications of 3D printing powered by BQ - Eloy García

Do you imagine 3D printed human skin? Or, do you believe in fully operational prosthesis and organs that were 3D printed? Now, it is possible thanks to Additive Manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, a technique that gets over the gap that existed with traditional manufacturing processes and medical methods.

With this technology the limits of your creations are far beyond your imagination and expectancies. Therefore, ANNEB is an organization that is already heading to the new industrial revolution and this event is a clear sign of it. The medical area is one of the most powerful sectors to implement the huge advantages of 3D printing and all its applications.

We will present some real projects where 3D printing was the key factor and you will also be able to know some our BQ´s 3D printers. The chance of getting an extra discount code for our 3D printers will be offered as well.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit this fabulous event at Coimbra in order to know how biomedical sector is developing in Portugal and the future goals of medical procedures worldwide. We will be happy to meet you there and show you the potential of 3D printing.